ENGLISH Charles Sq. Residence Parking Details

Address: Karlovo namesti 30, Prague 2


Place your car in front of the gate at Karlovo namesti 30

Driver or the other passanger needs to get into apartments, while the car is in front of the gate, using check-in instructions we have sent in separate email.

When you get inside of the corridor of PragueStudios, look for the mailbox on your right side. Open the lock on the mailbox using code: 8480

When you open the mailbox, there is a phone placed permanently on charger. To open the gate press number 2 for three seconds and the phone starts automaticly dialing and opening the gate. Take one piece of sticky note, close the mailbox and the lockerGet to the gate and place a sticky note on the sensor so the gate does not start closing( this is importnant when you are leaving so you have enough time to get out)

PLEASE NEVER TAKE THE PHONE FROM THE MAILBOX! Other guests may arrive by car as well, if the phone would be missing, we will have to charge penalty 100 EUR to your credit card.

When you park in/out DO NOT FORGET to take the sticker down from the sensor.

Once inside the courtyard, we have 1 SPOT ALOCATED by house owners as below in photo - right where the star sign is.


It may happen that the place is taken ( some people are just not responsible ) so please park next to it and add your phone number behind the window of your car from inside. Its always recommended from safety reasons.


In your room on the table you will find special Parking signage, please put it and keep it visibly in your car. Kindly return this signage upon departure.

In case the phone is missing or you have problems opening the gate call Martin (the owner) at: 00420 777 218 480 and he will remotely open the gate