Extra person

Dear guests,

Kindly note additional mattarce (not a bed) is subject to availability and can be arranged only in rooms: Mango, Park and Romantic.

Charge for extra mattrace is 12EUR per night.

It is not possible to arrange mattarce in rooms: Pasta, Avocado, Apple, Wine, Balcony, Clock, Retro, Cherry, Cute&Cozy, Chocolate, Orange, Lemon, Beer, Tea, Terrace, Sun, Attic, Hockey, Provence, Romeo&Juliet, Jazz&Soul, Fred&Ginger, ArtDeco, Coffee&Cream.

This is due to the fact, that the room either does not have space for additional mattrace, or has economy shared bathroom and kitchen area, which would mean less comfort for you and for other guests.

We do random checks, and if we find out there is more people in the room, we charge penalty 20 EUR per day to your credit card.

Thank you for understanding,